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At Presence Pictures, we believe that children who are creative and entrepreneurial today, will use technology to create experiences that will benefit mankind tomorrow.

The current school model is obsolete. With the arrival of the Experience Economy, formal education is still biased towards academic ability, ignoring creativity and entrepreneurship, the very skillsets that children need to excel in today’s economy. We created Presence Pictures to solve this problem. We developed a child-friendly software that empowers children from all ages to create digital 3D experiences. We taught thousands of children in Singapore. And now, we put our priceless knowledge into one powerful online course. So children around the world can benefit. With Presence Pictures, every child can be empowered with coding skills, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Presence Videos

Our videos are great resources for you to quickly learn why Presence Pictures is the right solution for your child, how we help your child achieve in the today's economy, and what we recommend you to get for your child.






How Your Child Creates Experiences With Presence Pictures

Presence Pictures enables your child to transform her original creative ideas into an interactive experience through our software. Your child will learn to code her ideas with our patent-pending online course and software tool which are accessible easily from iPhones - so you can actually experience your child’s ideas and not just hear or read about them.

In our gamified classes, your child role plays as an enterprising Presence Creator coding a beautiful, interactive experience destined to be exhibited in a renowned digital museum. She will learn skillsets that help her create 3D digital experiences that encapsulate her original ideas. Your child will use our software to learn to code, create and eventually open Experience Arcades to her experiences as an entrepreneur in our simulated digital economy. Your child will be able to choose her desired shop locations on our digital world map to open her Experience Arcades where other children, family and friends can visit virtually as customers. Our simulated digital economy allows your child to earn Presence coins as she creates and grows her arcade businesses. This gives your child a real sense of value to her creative ideas and motivates her to persist. Earning Presence coins also allows your child to access more design materials and inspiring content to make more experiences. This sets your child on the path to become a Professional Creator.

"I really wanted my daughter (7 year old) to learn coding but Scratch failed to sustain her interest. When I turned to Presence Pictures, I was very happy that she learns the same skills yet with more impressive results. My daughter loves the beautiful designs. Now she’s constantly engaged in coding her space, frequently asking me, ‘Is it nice here papa, or there?’"

— Mr Tan, parent

"I love every Presence Pictures class! I like flora and fauna and am now creating a beautiful smart garden for my showcase. There are still so many ideas I want to build. I really want to be a successful creator and become a professional."

— Rachel, 8 years old

The Online Course and Software Tool

We know how great ideas sometimes just pop into your child’s head, but it is hard for your child to express the real potential of those ideas through verbal, written and drawn explanations. With Presence Pictures, your child can learn to express the full potential of her creative idea in a beautiful, interactive 3D experience. We made this possible with our fun online course and our kid-friendly software tool.

Unlike monotonous home-based lessons of zoom videos, digital assignments and textbooks, our gamified course is highly interactive with frequent touchpoints with our mentors. Presence Pictures not only teaches the same computational thinking and problem-solving skillsets that other coding courses offer, but also creativity and entrepreneurship. Presence Pictures imparts theory knowledge on coding, creativity and entrepreneurship by engaging your child with storylines, missions and chat dialogues that unfold as your child plays and interacts with characters. With the theory knowledge, your child may then apply it in practice, by coding up her original idea in the form of a 3D digital experience using our software. Your child’s progression is tracked by our AI assistant, to ensure appropriate rewards and guidance are offered to motivate your child. We even made it convenient for your child to capture ideas by putting the enormous power to invent in her small hands - our all-in-one classes and software are specially designed to be accessible from the iPhone. There’s really no reason to hold back your child from taking her ideas to the game-changing level - the experiential level.


Code interactive stories, games and animations. Publish your experiences and show the world!


Build beautiful experiences in 3D space. Inject your creativity for that wow factor!


Launch your experiences as businesses. Become an entrepreneur in our simulated digital economy!


Our Achievements

Many of our creators have gone on to become a Professional Creators where they modelled their digital art works in class into large-scale immersive art installations exhibited in National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and the Art House. While our creators may be children, their digital works were showcased alongside professional digital art collectives such as TeamLab, the people behind Future worlds at Art Science Museum.

Educational institutions and ministries that entrusted students and edutech programmes with Presence Pictures:

"I tried coding my 3D game using Roblox Studio but it is just too difficult to use. I gave up. But with Presence Pictures, I can easily code my favourite game. Plus I can play games, explore so many worlds, earn coins and be an entrepreneur. Not just all coding which is what I like."


"I thought my kids wouldn’t be keen in coding. Enrolling both my girl (10 years) and boy (7 years) in Presence Pictures is the right choice I made. Somehow their programme is so cleverly designed that it really draws my kids attention and gets them excited building. Now they are even competitive, trying to outbeat each other’s ranking with their game designs. Highly recommended."


Subscription Plans

Our plans are designed with you and your child in mind. As educators having taught many children for years and seeing how resounding success came to those who commit to regular longer-term learning, we came up with three plans to take your child through their learning development with Presence Pictures, from a first-timer all the way to a professional.

Of all plans, we highly recommend our Creator 3-Month Value Plan. Our Value Plan encourages your child to cultivate a commitment to learning new skills. At the same time, the plan gives the parent the best value for money in both short and long run. With a small commitment fee of $90, we reward your child with 2 extra months of learning! Yes, it’s almost as good as 3 months of classes for the price of 1 month. Because we know how it takes time for children to settle into habitual learning and become proficient in new skillsets. We offer this extraordinary value as we want your children to commit and see good results in themselves. Sometimes, children are so close to success but they give up or are made to give up too early to taste it. You can help your child cultivate a commitment to learning and fortify her chances of success!

Creator (1-Month Standard Plan)

Monthly standard plan for creators

  • $600 per month
  • Online programme
  • 8 hours of online theory and practical classes a month.
  • 1:1 in-game mentorship
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $600 payable every month

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Creator (3-Month Value Plan)

Quarterly value plan for result-oriented creators

  • $600 $230 per month Huge savings!
  • Best value. Pay a small commitment fee of $90 to upgrade from Standard Plan and receive 2 extra months of online learning!
  • Year-long online programme
  • 8 hours of online theory and practical classes a month.
  • Cost every 3 months - $690
  • 1:1 in-game mentorship
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $690 payable every 3 months

Professional Creator

Exclusive plan for creators, teachers and businesses.

  • $1080 per month
  • Acceptance only by referral from fellow creators or invitation from the founders
  • Hybrid format of online class and exclusive face-to-face mentoring by founders of Presence Pictures
  • Personalised growth plan to match your interests.
  • Scheduled masterclasses in creativity, coding and entrepreneurship.
  • Custom design your picture panels to suit your experience themes and goals
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $1080 payable every month

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